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We here at Sapphica Books are both authors and readers. Independent authors and voracious readers. Like you, we lamented the difficulty in finding lesbian books by independent authors. It’s easy to visit the websites of presses big and small to discover what new adventures await us, but where was the place to find all the new books from the best self-published writers?

We knew they were out there – our books are out there too, but they’re kind of, more or less, well, everywhere. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, we day-dreamed, if we could have a website for all those indie books we wanted to discover? A one-stop depository of fabulous sapphic fiction – and non-fiction.

It was a great day-dream, and now it’s an even better reality.

Welcome to Sapphica Books

the one place on the web to find lesbian books by all your favorite independent authors. 

Get Comfortable!

Feed the cat and make yourself a nice cuppa, because chances are, you could be here for a while. Browse books by genre or author, or dive in and do a lucky dip. Every book has buy links so you can do your shopping for titles that catch your eye without having to search a million different places for them. You can also download samples and read reviews. We haven’t been able to figure out how to make you a refill on that coffee, but we’ve tried to do everything else.

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We’re both readers and writers here at Sapphica Books, pop over and say hi – we welcome your feedback, and certainly want to hear if your favorite writer hasn’t heard of us yet!

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